Sulekha becomes state's first firm to run its factory on solar power

Sulekha becomes state’s first firm to run its factory on solar power

Sulekha, one of the most established organizations in Bengal and a commonly recognized name for ink and pen has turned into the state’s initially firm to run its industrial facility solely with sun-powered vitality. Kaushik Maitra, overseeing chief of Sulekha said two 25 KW sunlight based plants have been introduced at the industrial facility and behind the shop at Sulekha More off Jadavpur to run the manufacturing plant solely with sun based power. It might be specified that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has over and over asked businesspeople to introduce sunlight based power in their manufacturing plants.

Sulekha becomes state's first firm to run its factory on solar power

Set up in 1934, the Sulekha manufacturing plant building is arranged on 22,000 square feet territory. The name — Sulekha — was given by Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi. Enlivened by the Civil Disobedience of Gandhi, a Physics understudy of Presidency College Nanigopal Maitra approached to make ink. The understudy was captured and imprisoned as he declined to compose with ink that was foreign made from England. He showed up in the MSc examination from jail and composed the appropriate response contents with a pencil made in India.

Sulekha Works Limited is the pioneer in assembling of composing inks, associated composing instruments and certain home care items in India. Set up in 1934, Sulekha might be considered as a formation of the Self Reliance Movement started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi amid India’s opportunity battle.

Sulekha fabricates an assortment of things. The center area being Office and School Stationery including distinctive sorts of composing inks, particular printing and stamping inks (both perpetual and launderable sorts), glues, mechanical items, and so forth. The homecare run chiefly comprises of items related to wellbeing and cleanliness. Sulekha helped a few governments from various nations of South Asia and Africa set up their own particular composition ink and composing instrument-producing units.

The quality and key push of Sulekha has dependably been its high caliber and one of a kind items created through its own R and D. In Sulekha, inventive work has been embraced on an efficient premise so as to expand the supply of information, including learning of man, culture, and society, and the utilization of this load of information to devise items and applications.

As of late Sulekha has additionally propelled ‘Swayam Rojgar Yojana’ – a professional instructional class intended to confer hypothetical and also down to earth preparing on various parts of FMCG and Solar items Marketing. It is a one of a kind learning and winning open door intended for youthful people, who are dedicated, have great relational abilities, need to act naturally utilized, have a slant towards business enterprise and have a fitness for advertising.

Sulekha becomes state's first firm to run its factory on solar power

In 2010, Sulekha propelled a scope of Solar controlled items with an expectation to get light the homes of millions who are yet to get the advantages of the regular power supply. Generally, Sulekha has arranged and executed two or three Solar undertakings that are very remarkable. Another Petrol Pump named Mondal and Mondal KSK was dispatched in Jalpaiguri area utilizing Solar Power just and it ran just on Solar power for the initial 21 days since there was no framework control at the Petrol Pump site.

In the wake of finishing his MSc, Maitra joined Presidency College as an instructor and began fabricating ink and sold it under the name “Teacher Maitra’s kali (ink). Before long, Sulekha turned into an easily recognized name in Bengal. From the mid-1980s, Sulekha was shut because of activist exchange unionism. It has again returned and hit the market with ink, ballpoint and wellspring pens and home care chemicals.

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