Will Technology Solve World Hunger ?

Will Technologies Solve World Hunger ?

Technology  is the collection of techniques, used in the manufacturing of equipment or services or in the achievement of goals, such as scientific research.Technology has positive or negative effects.Technology has many effects. Information technology has abetted to expand more leading economies and has allowed the rise of a acquiesce class  .Now a question arise “Will technologies solve world hunger?” .Positive use of technology will surely solve the hunger problem around the world.There are various different types of technologies which helps to improve economical conditions but agricultural biotechnology plays an important role in helping end hunger malnutrition and various diseases. By using technology cultivate grains that with stand parasites and can produce in unfavorable conditions.The companies that produce these seeds apparent them to the point where they will accuse farmers whose seeds get cross breed with theirs by accident. Biotechnology is one of the technology which plays very important role to terminate the problem of hunger.By doing genetic modifications of crops various new crops can be cultivated  this will give bigger and better results to farmers.The environmental effect of genetic modification crops is relevant with concern to creating food security in under developed countries. The main advantages of biotechnology can converse beyond a vast field of agricultural operations are in areas such as livestock management, stock of agricultural tools and preserving current crop income, while diminishing the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Biotechnology tends a very reassuring substitute to synthetic eatables and an enhancement on traditional plant-breeding technologies.Combination of bio technology and enhanced agricultural technologies provides an stimulating and environmentally important way to meet consumer requirement for feasible agriculture. When the profits of genetic modification crops reach small and minimal farmers green revolutions may become a actuality.Golden rice is a crop produced by the help of genetic modifications.Golden rice can grow in those areas also whose weather is  not  suitable for growing rice.Golden rice was generated by molding rice with only two beta-carotene biosynthesis chromosomes.The authentic golden rice was called SGR 1.Biotechnology can not just fighting with hunger but also with malnutrition.Malnutrition is a disease which  caused due to  lack of nutrition in food.To reduce malnutrition biotech researchers have already matured and are field testing rice upgraded with beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, which is useful because rice is a common primary diet standard in the developing countries.Deficiency of vitamin A can cause blindness and many other diseases.Researchers can produce high protein and vitamin enriched with cassava which is the main source of food calories in tropical parts of the developing countries. Biotechnology can also helps farmers to decrease soil erosion which protects the environment by providing them certain varieties of cotton and soybeans which requires less tilling and helping to diminish waste run-off into rivers. The crops which can be grown on already unplantable lands using no till farming,till farming is a type of farming which doesn’t need heavy-duty  machinery to till the soil but depend on the herbicides within the plant to consume undesirable equipment.

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