Most popular free blogging Websites ?

Most popular free blogging Websites ?

A blog is also called a weblog or web log. Blog is a website that contain the entries and it is also called posts. Posts are appearing in reverse sequential order with the most recent entry come first. Blogs commonly introduce features such as comments and links. The comments and links increase user interactivity. Blogs are created by using particular software.

Some term that uses in blog:
Blogging: In blogging you only write post for a blog.
Blogger: In blogger user write content for a blog.
Blogosphere: Blogsphere is the online community of blogs and bloggeer.

Best and most popular free blogging sites are:

1) Tumblr- Tumbler is purchased by yahoo. Tumblr is one of the easiest free blogging site. Tumblr has a very strong community of users like Twitter or Facebook. Tumblr is very easy to use and understand because it has visuals effects such as images, videos and music. These all sre display on your tumbler profile. Tumbler has so many innovative ways. In tumbler user can also “reblog” your posts leaving you with more followers and a larger fanbase. Now tumbler is also available in moblie and it include photos uploads and you can also customize the theme via using mobile apps.

2) WordPress- WordPress is a very popular site to publish your posts. WordPress is super-flexible for anyone. is free website. In wordpress you just need to register and then start your blogging. WordPress allow to publish their own add on your blog. WordPress is best because it has tons of plugins and themres. WordPress is best for advanced websites.

3) Blogger- The blogger was launched in1999. Blogger is owned by Google, it is trusty and authentic. In blogger first of all you sign in with google id, now you give title name and address. Blogger also provide themes or templates to look your post more attractive. Blogspot is best suited for individual blogger and first time online publishers. In blogger you can also edit your blog by using css and html. And css and html makes your blog very unique and attractive

4) Medium- Medium connects people, stories and ideas that matter to you. Medium is new blogging site. Medium is started in 2012. Mrdium is fund by twitter. Medium does not have so much customization. Many other blogging sites such as wordpress which has features like plugins, themes customization etc., but medium focus only on your words.

5) Quora- Quora is very strong and active community. Quora is the one of the most and world wide popular website. Quora is the website of question and answer. Quora is started on janurary, 2012. Quora website is mostly popular in industry professionals and knowledgeable and experienced people. Quora’s blogging website does not have so much customizations, so it is not completely your space on the web.

6) Weebly- Weebly is a website builder. Weebly is based on drag and drop components. In weebly you create new pages. Weebly also offers ecommerce, an iPhone app for posting your blog and easy linking to your social media.

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