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Voice Dream has become a widely known name within the helpful technology community attributable to Voice Dream Reader: a text-to-speech reader offered for iOS devices. currently the developer has free a brand new app known as Voice Dream author that aims to support writers with special desires. Voice Dream author has options which will profit individuals with a large vary of desires as well as individuals with learning disability and folks UN agency area unit blind or visually impaired. individuals while not disabilities may also get pleasure from the app. as an example, West Germanic language learners may gain advantage from spoken feedback and different options offered by Voice With prime quality text-to-speech and a configurable interface, Voice Dream Reader makes written communication accessible to everybody. management however text sounds in speech and the way text appearance on screen to suit each reading vogue from utterly modality to utterly visual, and synchronised combination of each. Load PDF and Word documents, DRM-free eBooks, articles, and websites. connect with Dropbox, G-Drive, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Johann Gutenberg and Bookshare. All thirty six increased VoiceOver voices, and seventy eight premium voices in twenty languages from Acapela and NeoSpeech.Voice Dream Reader has reached prime ten in education apps in sixty nine countries. Dream author. Voice Dream Reader is integrated with Bookshare and Johann Gutenberg and it will load files from Dropbox, Google Drive or iTunes via USB or Wi-Fi.Voice Dream Reader comes with Heather, the English voice from Acapela and works with all the opposite voices designed into iOS seven. Voice Dream Reader offers nearly one hundred further voices in twenty languages from Acapela and NeoSpeech, offered through in-app purchases, and that they price $1.99, $2.99 or $4.99.This app provides several navigation and reading choices as well as navigation by sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter; adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights, reading speed management, pronunciation wordbook and additional.
Quick begin
The home screen contains the Documents list and comes preloaded with 3 files: Welcome, Help, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. every title is followed by AN approximate total listening time, that is updated whenever you modify the voice or voice speed.When you double faucet any title, the reading pane can seem. close to the center of this screen you will find a text box containing the primary few lines of text of the chosen title. At the highest and bottom of the box area unit variety of button controls. The “Play” button is found at the middle of the screen regarding three-quarters of the manner down.

Voice Dream Reader

Double sound this button can begin to voice the document. To pause the document, faucet the button once more. you’ll use VoiceOver to seek out this or the other management while not interrupting the reading, however once your document starts adjustment, you’ll conjointly use the acquainted two-finger double faucet to prevent and restart listening.Double sound the “Home” button at the highest left of the screen saves your home, closes the active document, and returns you to the most screen. future time you open the document, reading can develop right wherever you left off.
Reading Options:
The reading pane offers variety of VoiceOver-friendly navigation controls. you’ll see a lot of|what proportion|what quantity} reading time has move on and the way much remains. you’ll conjointly monitor p.c completed and quickly navigate through the book with one-finger swipes upward on the p.c slider or by getting into variety within the adjacent edit box. in addition, if your document has page markers, you’ll use the “Page” management to navigate on to any page.The “Fast Forward” and “Rewind” buttons area unit user-definable. Double faucet the “Navigation Unit” management at the acute lower right of the screen, and you’ll set these buttons to advance by sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, bookmark, highlighted text, or 15-, 30-, or 60-second intervals. you’ll conjointly double-tap-and-hold either the “Fast Forward” or “Rewind” button to decision up a similar choices.Unfortunately, the two-finger swipe left and right gestures,which typically move you quickly through the text, area unit hijacked by VoiceOver, therefore you will have to seek out and use the buttons. If you are exploitation headphones, you’ll use the Settings management found on the house screen to line the double and triple press of the “Play/Stop” button to maneuver back and forth by the selected unit. As is that the case after you area unit enjoying music, you’ll use these controls even once the device is bolted, that allowed ME to simply hear an oversized PDF file whereas walking my dogs. Setting the navigation to advance by paragraph conjointly enabled ME to quickly skip the annoying header data recurrent at the highest of every page
Bookmarks and looking
The “Add Bookmark” button will simply that. Press the button labeled “Bookmarks” to decision up a listing of your home settings. The app presents every with slightly of distinctive text and also the p.c marker beside a “Play” button to start out reading at that time. If your document is structured with chapters, you’ll conjointly navigate quickly ahead and back. in addition, the Bookmarks pane conjointly includes AN choice to navigate by highlighted text, however as mentioned, it’s presently impracticable to make highlights exploitation VoiceOver.The “Search” button conjointly presents results with text, a p.c marker, and a “Play” button. The “Play/Pause” button conjointly doubles as a sleep timer. Double faucet and hold to decision up the assorted settings.
Voice Settings
In Voice Settings you will find the Voice Store wherever you’ll purchase further TTS engines in English and different dialects and languages. I purchased a German voice, and once I opened a West Germanic document, Voice Dream Reader began speaking with the proper voice. A mixed language document didn’t fare therefore well. once the text modified from English to German, I had to use the Voice Settings to change voices manually.

Voice Dream Reader

You can modification the language at any time beside the speed, pitch, and volume. every document is mechanically related to the voice you utilize, therefore i used to be ready to use AN amped-up Acapela Heather voice to sail through a lightweight detective novel and a slowed-down Acapela can for a few surpass documentation. I may flip back and forth between the 2 while not having to manipulate voice controls.Each language conjointly includes its own pronunciation wordbook into that you’ll enter exceptions and phonetic pronunciations. Technologically subtle users are going to be happy to notice that the app supports regex search strings.
Text Settings
Voice Dream Reader conjointly offers many options of interest to partly sharp-sighted and reading disabled users. It works with Zoom, however once you learn the layout, you’ll want to show off magnification whereas exploitation the app as a result of the Text Settings menu offers eight font selections, as well as Open Dyslexic, in sizes from ten to forty points. you’ll choose custom foreground, background, and highlight colours. There are choices to own this line and word highlighted within the color of your selection.A single faucet toggles the text window from keen on full screen mode with all controls hidden for undistracted reading. The tap-and-hold gesture calls up a context menu that permits you to spotlight and duplicate a block of text, find a word within the wordbook, produce a bookmarker or a note, or add a brand new pronunciation on the fly.Zoom users UN agency do not want to own the app speak the text will still get pleasure from Voice Dream Reader. Do a 2 finger pinch inward from any direction, and also the text window can shrink all the manner right down to one line. Use the Voice Settings menu to slow the voice and set the amount to zero, and voilà, you get a document that displays one line at a time in your selection of font ANd font size which scrolls mechanically at an adjustable speed.


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